I want to start by saying I don't know the first thing about writing a book. I do know enough to look in the front of several in my library for a pattern of some kind and this is what I found. First, I need a PROFOUND STATEMENT for page one so here goes. Dizzy Dean said, "If you can do it, it ain't bragging." I wouldn't have known that except I heard Nolan Ryan, another baseball player quote him in a television commercial. Since this will be written in first person singular, there will appear to be a lot of bragging. Next, a table of CONTENTS. That will come as different episodes are written and posted to the web site. I also need a section titled ACKNOWLEDGMENTS and here I have something to say. I want to thank my friend Max Booker who came up with my nickname, "Froggy." We have been best friends since 1958. Next, Edwin L. "Skip" Skipworth who has encouraged me from the first to write a book. I have only known "Skip" and his bride Wilsie for a little over a year, but it seems like a decade or longer. We worked for the same company at different times.

Me in 1944
The episodes are actually letters relating some of my hare brained escapades. Hare brained or not, they are true. I may be a little off on some of the dates but close enough for government work.

I was born August 7, 1933, in Haskell County, Texas. My dad was a cowboy for the Swensons, ranch people who owned land in several counties. First picture of me that I have is me in his lap at about eleven months sitting on the water wagon. Just about everyone hauled water back then. The railroad furnished it. This was back in the steam engine days when the trains still took on water from a tower. Ranchers and farmers would drive their wagons up under the spout for a load of life giving fluid. I don't know if they paid for it or not. Can't make much difference now.

My dad wanted to be a truck driver from the first time he saw one. He finally started driving full time soon after the war broke out and was driving one the day he died December 7, 1986. We moved many times before I finally settled in Weatherford, Texas at age fifteen.

I want to call this book, ME AGAIN. If anyone objects, please let me know. The phrase is one a customer used every time he called me about the automobile I had sold him. I hope you enjoy the stories and photos.

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2  Hog Killing and Other Occupations
3  The Photo
4  Take the Tour
5  My Name is Froggy
6  Cairo 1984
7  Pet Peeves
8  When In Rome
9  Hail Columbia
10  On the Trail
11  Orville and Wilbur
12  Move Over Buddha, You Have My Seat
13  Move Over Buddha Continued
14  Birds
15  Gardening
16  Guitar Pickin
17  Marriage, Truth or Consequences
18  Weed Eaters
19  Cross the Brazos at Waco
20  The Lonestar Tavern
21  Flying Coffins in Cairo
22  From Butte to Paradise
23  My Favorite People
24  Tight Lines, Sharp Hooks
25  Rescue at Sea
26  Of Course I Can Fly
27  Working Without a Net
28  How Do You Want Your Eggs?
29  Showdown at Gambler's Gulch
30  Get the Net!
31  If I Could Would You?
32  That Reminds Me
33  Coffee, Tea or ...
34  Very Important Truffles Alert
35  Airline Meals
36  On the Way to Work
37  Do's and Don'ts
38  A Day at An Shas
39  Geronimo
40  Kids Will Be Kids...Or Something
41  Moby Dick
42  Life at the Sheraton
43  Life is a Gamble
44  "Now I lay me down..."
45  Treasure or Trash
46  It Pays to Complain
47  Scoutmasters
48  The Judge
49  Not Ever Again
50  Repo Man
51  Keep Those Caissons Rolling
52  The Nigerian Cardinal
53  Intentional Spins Prohibited
54  GI Joe
55  Lead Me Not Into Temptation; I Can Find It By Myself
56  Debbie Reynolds and the Blue Tail Fly
57  Bits and Pieces
58  Wonder What the Poor Folks are Doing
59  TWA and My 1938 Chevy
60  Early Point and Shoot
61  Cairo Memories
62  Just the News
63  Deer Season
64  Camping Out in Germany
65  Characters
66  And now, for the rest of the story
67  Adios Amigos

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