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Chapter 62

Just the News

Well folks, lots of news that you are familiar with if you are among the 99.9% of the people who can read or operate the remote that came with your TV. The war between Israel and the Hezbollah Islamic faction is old news, this is just a 30 day flare up that has been going on for years and has killed numerous combatants on both sides and displaced and killed a greater number of innocents.

But speaking of terrorists, we have no fear that any of them will slip an explosive device aboard an airplane or other means of public conveyance. All they need to do is wait for some unwary consumer who wouldn't hurt a fly to board with a laptop containing a battery manufactured by Sony. This defect has been known for some time but have they done anything about it at TSA? The last time I flew I carried my GPS Receiver and cell phone aboard with batteries installed. Security didn't give them a second glance but the officer spent a great deal of time on my flip flops and practically strip searched my loving wife Nonie because she wears a brace on her ankle.

Nice things..and bad things have been happening here on the Frog Pond. Last month, July 25, I slipped on some green beans that had fallen from the display at Kroger and hyper extended my left knee, the one I had injured twice before. This time I really did a number on it and have visited two doctors for X-rays and treatment. Kroger sent me to a clinic that specializes in liability claims. That doctor in turn suggested strongly that I contact my own orthopedic surgeon. Not only the knee but when I grabbed the cart to break my fall, I injured the rotator cuff left elbow. Very painful and I cannot play my guitar. I couldn't play all that well before but now it is a time thing. At least I could practice for a couple of hours. Now fifteen minutes is about I can stand.

I always enjoy a visit with my Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Rick Ford in Weatherford. One of the most down to earth people I know. He wears starched Wranglers, custom western shirts and cowboy boots that show signs of feedlot wear. He is kind of tricky though. After listening to my tale of woe, he suggested a shot in the knee to ease the pain associated with walking. While we were talking about something not even remotely connected to my problem, he was spraying the knee cap with something that I thought was a disinfectant. Then, before I knew it and without warning, he plunged a needle just under the patella ( I learned that word from his wall chart.) but I didn't feel a thing. When I asked him what he had given me he said, "Let's just say you couldn't pass a drug test for the Tour de France." He had frozen the area with liquid nitrogen or something similar. I didn't feel any pain at all except for the co-pay when I went to settle up.

Nice thing. I managed to make it to birthday number 73. I had lots of pretty cards and gifts from friends and family and am thankful for all. Especially nice gift from son Mike and daughter in law Stephanie. Dinner from the ala carte menu at Red Lobster and a gift card to Home Depot. I often wonder if Mike has stock in that company, Every time he gives me a gift card, I wind up spending several dollars over the amount. Much appreciated.

More news will be forthcoming as it develops.

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