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Liquid water is not the only attraction to Frisky. The advantages to making intimate contact with the snow during a hot summer hike in the mountains have not escaped her notice. When we are in Colorado, snow offers both comfort and refreshment.

The small streams in Texas are perfect in Frisky's view. They are cool during hot weather, attract plenty of other animals, and make a much more inviting pathway than dusty dirt trails.

Social activities centered around water are a natural. Frisky often shares the swimming hole in a ranch near Waco and loves to play in the water with people.

Whether she is romping like a nut through Barton Creek in Austin, TX (above), or inspecting the crawdads from Prairie Creek in Kankakee, IL (below), Frisky is never bored in the water.

She has traveled around the country and experienced both the large and the small aquatic offerings of various areas.

From an icy mountain puddle at 11,000 feet in Colorado (above) to the shore of Lake Superior (below),

from a seasonal pool on top of a granite outcrop at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Texas

to a muddy farm pond near McGregor, TX, Frisky has enjoyed them all, usually face first.

And in the end, as all dogs know, there is nothing like a good roll in the grass to dry off after any water games.

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