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Welcome to the ultimate in canine cleaning services!

Bored with sitting in a laundromat watching your clothes spin around while they are burned to a crisp in poorly maintained dryers? Had it with lost socks and finding underwear that isn't yours? Tired of the laundromat washers destroying your clothes? Well, let Frisky do it for you!

All services are personally attended to by the owner, Frisky Pepper Tornado Rex, shown at right working on a little pre-wash stain removal.

Additional available options include: distressing jeans for that "worn look," adding ventilation holes to garments, and performing alterations, such as the sleeve removal pictured at left.

With the Frisky method of drying, shown above, your clothes will have that wonderful, fresh air smell after being raced around the backyard a few times.

At right, Frisky is sorting and spreading out a batch of clothes, ready to be pressed. Notice that she takes the utmost care to separate the colors from the whites. She usually remembers to wipe her feet before working with the clothes as well.

Offering complete pressing and folding services, Frisky works on the "dry press" (pictured above at left).

If you prefer a "wet press," Frisky can accomodate that as well (see photo at right), and, in fact, actually prefers this method on hot summer days.

The extreme personal care with which Frisky treats all orders does not stop with the actual washing, but continues on until all clothes are folded and neatly packaged with clean, white paper. At left, she puts the finishing touches on an order ready to be delivered.

Frisky makes sure that all services are performed on schedule and your order is finished when you expect it.

As owner of a small business, Frisky takes extreme pride and care in all aspects of the operation, including checking out this perfect source of water for the final rinse cycle.

Your clothes will come out smelling like a field of wildflowers, because that's what Frisky was rolling in just before she worked on them. Other aromas are available on request.

Frisky hopes that you have enjoyed this little tour of her business and that you will find the answer to all your cleaning and laundry needs at F.E.C.A.L. For prices, processing times, and other information call: 1-800-DOG-WASH.

Frisky's Economical Cleaning And Laundry / Home Page / Frisky's Section / Introduction