In addition to the clip art displayed here, the LARVALBUG site contains a number of different sections, including a monthly family and investment newsletter with archives of past issues at our main location: LARVALBUG'S HOME PAGE, artwork featuring real and imaginary animals on LARVALBUGTOO, value investing articles on larVALUEbug, and galleries of dog and animal photos with commentary featuring terriers on FRISKY'S SECTION and PERIWINKLE'S PAGE. The AUSTIN BUG COLLECTION is a photographic guide to the insects and spiders here in Central Texas. LARVALBUG'S GARDEN is devoted to the plants and animals in our gardens and includes short articles with many close-up photographs of flowers, plants, insects and other small animals living around us and LARVALBUGZOO features photography of mammals, birds and reptiles. LARVALBUG EYE presents free digital nature photography in both small and large file sizes for personal, nonprofit, and educational use. The links below will be helpful in navigating our site.

The background image on this page is a water penny, which is the aquatic larva of a type of terrestrial beetle.

Clip Art Index

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We are featuring two kinds of free clip art on these pages. The first consists of original graphics of the type useful for web pages or e-mail decoration. The second kind of illustrations are old biology/nature engravings and woodcuts from books published during the 19th century and earlier. All the graphics here are GIFs and are fully transparent but many work best on light or white backgrounds, either because they have a black outline around the image or because they are anti-aliased (smoothed). Some of the original art will work well on both dark and light. The natural history images are all for use on light backgrounds.

Original Clip Art

More graphics will be added periodically to this part.

Natural History Clip Art

We are gradually adding more images to this section.