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January, 2013

Enjoying Our Way Into Good Health

by Larry

Information available from a variety of health research sources now indicates we might have more fun than stoic discipline in a quest for fitness and quality living. Here are some of the cool recommendations from which we might choose ones best for us and our lifestyles:

  1. Have a piece or two of dark chocolate a day.

  2. Party hearty. Dancing, for instance, is a great way to keep both one's social and blood circulation humming.

  3. Go walking (or for other aerobic workouts) often and with a well liked human or canine companion.

  4. Include fun things as part of your regular agenda.

  5. Assure plenty of rest by adding a daily nap to your regimen.

  6. Eat a handful of nuts plus delicious fresh berries and veggies each day.

  7. Workout with moderate conditioning and strength building exercises or yoga, with friends or in front of interesting TV or movie shows.

  8. Have a good relationship with a pet.

  9. Enjoy a serving or two of wine, beer, or green tea daily.

  10. Stay sexually active.

  11. Keep stresses low, and manage them well.

  12. Remain engaged in work, hobbies, or volunteer activities that you really dig.

  13. Whether in formal academic settings, in community courses, online in the privacy of our own homes, or through CDs and DVDs, go back to school, taking courses that are stimulating and hold one's interest.

  14. Meditate.

  15. Frequently get outdoors and into natural settings.

  16. Tune into good music in whatever style suits, classical, jazz, folk, barbershop, ragtime, blues, big band sound, etc.

  17. Eat avocadoes, pickles, carrots, grapefruit, peanut butter, garlic, and cauliflower, just not all at once.

  18. Keep things more organized than not.

  19. Drink plenty of liquid daily, especially water. On average, about two quarts will do.

  20. Try a little daily cinnamon and ginger powder accent on foods or in beverages.

  21. One or more apples a day really will help keep the doctor away.

  22. Smaller meals mean more energy.

  23. Cultivate that green thumb.

  24. Regularly eat whole grain foods.

  25. Take pleasure in a good breakfast start to the day.

For me, there are enough fun and/or satisfying suggestions for healthy, enjoyable living that I can mix and match to assure a daily dose of several, yet seldom if ever feel I am merely forcing myself through begrudged rules.

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