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Animal Stories: Cranes are very impressive birds, with their tall stature and, in the case of sandhill cranes, their large numbers. I've seen whooping cranes at a distance during their stay at The Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge in Texas, but only a couple at a time. I once saw a single whooping crane in Florida while I was kayaking on a large, shallow lake, but this was many years ago, before their numbers dropped so low that there were practically none left. The sandhills, however, are much more numerous, and I sometimes see large flocks of them as they migrate during the spring or fall. As they fly high over in large v-formations, their calls can be heard, which is usually how I notice them in the first place. There are lots of separate diagonals of birds and these seem to weave in and out of each other, combining then separating, changing shape and length, as the birds ride on high thermals.

Demoiselle Crane (zoo)

East African Crowned Crane (zoo)

Sandhill Crane (captive, Homosassa Springs, Florida)

Wattled Crane (zoo)

Limpkins (a river in Florida, taken from a kayak)

Avocet (zoo)

Avocets (Galveston Island, Texas)

Black-Necked Stilt (zoo)

Turnstones (Atlantic coast, Florida)

Stone Curlew (zoo)

Black-Bellied Plover (St. Joseph Penninsula State Park, Florida)

Willet (Gulf coast, Florida)

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