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Animal Stories: While hiking in a lonely area of the San Juan National Forest during June, I rested on a bleached, dryed out log. There had been little evidence of birds up to this point, except for a few flying off in the distance. Suddenly, there was a gray jay perched just a few feet from me, eyeing me curiously. It probably had gotten used to begging food from other hikers and so waited for the tell-tale posture of sitting down and opening up a pack (in this case, containing only a water bottle). It spent about 10 minutes, trying different vantage points and definitely checking very carefully to see whether or not I would provide it with a snack. Although it gave me a chance to get a few photographs at such a close range, I could not repay the favor with a morsel of food, since I didn't have any with me.

Knysna Touraco (zoo)

Nicobar Pigeon (zoo)

Hornbill (zoo)

Scarlet Macaw (captive, Silver Springs, Florida)

Macaws (Rainforest Exhibit, Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas)

Blue & Gold Macaw (zoo)

African Gray Parrot (zoo)

Parrots (zoo)

African Jacana (zoo)

Peacock (Silver Springs, Florida)

Peahen (zoo)

Peacock (Silver Springs, Florida)

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