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The women in my family, my mother, sister and I, have spent many happy hours with fish: catching them, feeding them, watching them, photographing them and swimming with them. This is an album of photos, spanning several decades, taken of us with our fish.

Vicky with her son, Lucas, watching the fish at the Minnesota Zoo
in St. Paul, June, 1999. Val and Vicky spent an entire afternoon
at the zoo, enjoying themselves so much they stayed until it
closed. Lucas slept peacefully almost the entire time.

Evelyn with a paddlefish, on the
Wisconsin River in Sauk City, 1994. This
fish was an easy catch as it was already
dead and just floating in the water.

Vicky with a stringer of
catfish, Lemont, Illinois, 1979.

Valerie with her grandfather, Chuck, and bass,
Joliet, Illinois, 1960.

Vicky with sunfish and perch, Wisconsin, 1969.

Evelyn with catfish caught at night
by a campground on the Wisconsin
River, Sauk City, 1994. Her husband,
John, assisted in reeling in the
powerful fish.

Evelyn with red drum, caught at Fort
Clinch, near Jacksonville, Florida,
1998. This fish took over an hour to
land and was almost a yard long.

Valerie with sea trout,
Florida, 1969.

Valerie with cowfish, on a camping trip to Florida, 1961.

Valerie with catfish, Manhattan,
Illinois, 1967.

Evelyn with catfish, Wisconsin River, Labor
Day weekend, 1989. Another easy catch, this
dead fish was found on a canoe trip with the
Prairie State Canoeists.

Valerie and Vicky with suckers, Manhattan, Illinois, 1966.

Valerie with remora (and misc. fish
at her feet), Florida, 1961.

Evelyn being attacked by a tarpon mural,
Tampa, Florida, Dec., 1993.

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