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LARVALBUG LENS, February, 2016

Our lens opens for this issue on Larry's cousin, Marcile, the daughter of his paternal Uncle Shelby and Aunt Lucile. Marcile was born about a month after Larry. In this photo, taken around 1963 in Mt. Vernon, TX, she was about 19 years old. Marcile and Larry were childhood friends and playmates when both were neighbors in San Antonio in the mid-1940s. She had Down syndrome and was never on her own, living into the late 1990s with her parents. She had moderate mental retadation but got along fairly well so long as her daily routines were maintained. Marcile was proud of a huge collection of dolls and kept these toys arrayed in carefully selected places in her large bedroom. Her favorite movie was "Sound of Music," and she had it virtually memorized, mouthing along with the actors their words and songs when Larry went to visit and watched it with her. Marcile remained a sweet and gentle woman all her life.