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LARVALBUG LENS, January, 2016

Groundhog Day is February 2, so this photo seemed an appropriate subject for this issue, although some of the details remain a mystery. The young lady is Carolyn (later always called Carol), and the date is around 1956. Carol (1941-2007) would have been enrolled at Joliet Township High School, and was probably about 15 years old. She never graduated, choosing instead to elope with Evelyn's brother, Rich, when she was 16. This photo is from a newspaper clipping, undoubtedly having to do with Groundhog Day, since we cannot figure out any other reason for the stuffed woodchuck. We do not have access to the accompanying text, but the newspaper would have been the Joliet Herald News. Carol came from a socially upper class family, which might explain why she was chosen to pose with the rodent.