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The first time I saw the Big Bugs was on a warm, sunny day in September, 2003, at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Here, our niece and nephew, Isabella and Lucas, pose by an oversized grasshopper.

These two predators are from the 2006-2007 display at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The sculptures really lend themselves to natural settings. Since I was not limited to just one sunny day, I was able to photograph the Bugs here in Austin during various kinds of weather, including rain and overcast days.

A giant ladybug displayed in the Member's Garden, one of many small subdivisions within the relatively formal section of the Wildflower Center.

Two sculptures of bees that were not included when the Big Bugs visited here in Austin. I was disappointed that the big flower was not shown, as I think it is especially attractive.

The dragonfly, shown above at the Wildflower Center, was appropriately placed over the largest pond, but still almost covered the entire area. When this same sculpture was displayed in Minnesota, the pond it occupied was much larger, but the effect here is very picturesque, and the tight quarters simply make the insect loom bigger.

The damselfly is another aquatic insect that displays best over water. Compare the waterfall setting in Minnesota to the small quiet pond in Austin.

The wheel bug is one of my favorites. This is a kind of assassin bug, capable of giving a potent "bite" with its hypodermic-type mouth parts. The setting this time is the Wildflower Center.

My sister, Vicky, and her children, Isabella and Lucas, pose under a giant ant, giving a good idea of the scale. This photo was taken in Minnesota.

I thought the setting for the trio of huge ants was exceptional at the Wildflower Center. They could be either viewed up close by walking out in the meadow or seen from overlooks up near the visitor center. We had a lot of misty, rainy weather during their stay in Austin, which provided for some moody, atmospheric photos.

I happened to catch David packing up the wheel bug at the Wildflower Center while I was walking through one of the gardens. After getting used to seeing the Big Bugs situated in the various gardens, it was a little disconcerting to watch one being dismantled and packed for removal.

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