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by Valerie

November, 2013

Ground Skink

ground skink

The smallest lizard commonly found in yards around Austin is the adorable little ground skink (Scincella lateralis). While a large individual may be 5 inches long, at least 2/3 of that is usually tail! Because of their long form, smooth scales and tiny legs, ground skinks move with a snake-like motion, especially when they are in a hurry. As the name implies, these reptiles do not climb and are usually seen in leaf litter, darting about after insects, but they will quickly hide if disturbed. They are a bronze color, with darker sides and a light belly.

Ten years ago on this date, I published my first installment of this column, featuring the green anole. This is only the second lizard to be included. I'll try to make sure I don't wait another ten years before adding another!

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