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by Valerie

October, 2013

Halloween Harvestman

Halloween harvestman

Harvestmen, or Daddy-longlegs, are arachnids related to spiders, scorpions and mites. The Halloween harvestman (Dalquestia formosa), found only in Mexico and Texas, is by far the most beautifully colored species in this group. Harvestmen are often confused with spiders, but they differ in several ways. Spiders have two distinct body parts, produce silk from spinnerets, and have venom for killing and digesting their meals. Harvestmen have only one obvious body part, do not produce silk and do not have venom. Because of their soft bodies, harvestmen are rarely found out in the open. They would make good meals for predators and also tend to dry out quickly in our hot climate. This species has shorter legs than many more common harvestmen, and is rarely found in groups. A good way to locate these curious creatures is by checking under fallen wood or rocks in shaded areas.

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