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Most issues of "larvalbug bytes" have featured a website that the editors found interesting. Listed below are the sites that are currently functioning on the web. The newsletter date in which the site appeared is in parentheses at the end of the description. Additional website listings are available on Links We Like.

Yahoo Finance  Loads of information about personal finances and investing, including calculation tools, analysts' opinions, and screens. (12/05)
The Official String Theory Site  Basics through advanced information about all aspects of this popular but confusing theory about the universe. (11/05)
CalPhotos  A user-friendly, searchable, photo stock image site, concentrating on the natural world. (10/05)
Volunteer Match  Whether you want to find volunteer opportunities in your hometown or in another state, this is the place to start looking. (9/05)
The World Factbook  Up-to-date facts and figures for the countries of the world, elegantly presented. (8/05)
The National Hurricane Center  Provided by the National Weather Service, this site has the latest news, advice, and information. (7/05)
BugGuide.Net  An extensive virtual field guide to insects and other small arthropods - great for identification purposes. (5/05)
Earth Calendar  A daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world, organized by date, country, religion, and lunar phases. (4/05)
Geographia  Atlas, travel guide, statistics and information on 75 countries around the world, attractively presented. (3/05)
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection  Large and well-organized map collection from the University of Texas at Austin. (2/05)
How Stuff Works  Comprehensive site including tons of information. The title is self explanatory. (12/04)
Prints & Photographs Reading Room  Historical U.S. photos presented by The Library of Congress. (11/04)
Native Plant Information Network  Part of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center site, an excellent wild plant guide. (10/04)
BBC Science and Nature  A terribly well done, fun and educational, extensive British site. (9/04)
The Handbook of Texas Online  Everything, and then some, that you ever wanted to know about The Lone Star State. (8/04)
MapQuest  The most convenient way to send somebody directions, locate an address, or plan a trip. (7/04)
The Free Dictionary  Dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedia, literature references, and search engine all in one. (6/04)
Chaos and Fractals  An elegantly simple site presenting concepts in this area of mathematics. (5/04)
The Official M.C. Escher Website  Information about the artist, as well as his work and words. (4/04)
Human Origins  Part of the Smithsonian Institute website, a comprehensive overview of human paleontology and evolution. (3/04)
The Smallest Page on the Web  A wonderful introduction to microscopy, with gorgeous photography and informative text. (2/04)
Exploratorium  An intriguing and entertaining virtual museum of science, art, and human perception. (1/04)  State Symbols, Flags, Seals, Geography, and People of the United States of America. (12/03)
Mineralogy Database  All about minerals and crystals, from simple explanations and photos to detailed information. (11/03)
The Visible Human Project  A list of sites that offer the fascinating images of CT scanned humans produced by the project. (10/03)
Digital Photography Review  Reviews, information, and comparisons of digital cameras. A "must visit" site before you buy. (9/03)
The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide Timeline  The title says it all. This is a plain-text site with a wealth of information for sci-fi and history buffs. (8/03)
Smithsonian  Presented by the Smithsonian Institute's online magazine, this site has a diverse collection of science and technology features. (7/03)
Skulls  A delightful introduction to skulls in words and pictures by the California Academy of Sciences. (6/03)
UCMP  Created by the U. of CA at Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology, this site has information on paleontology, geology, evolution, and biology. (5/03)
The Academy of American Poets  Well-organized and searchable resource for poets, poems, and related information. (4/03)
CGFA  Featuring high quality scans of a wide selection of art, this site is literally a virtual art museum. (3/03)
Price Watch  A searchable listing of current advertised prices from various merchants on computer products. (2/03)
News of the Weird  A compendium of bizarre, unusual, funny, and unbelievable stories gleaned from newspapers around the country. (1/03)
Healthfinder  A government web site, and a comprehensive resource on health issues of all types, from symptoms to support groups. (10/02)
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics  Enjoyable and informative, this is a huge, comprehensive treatment of mathematics. (9/02)
Snow Crystals  The physics, observation, and appreciation of snow flakes. Beautiful photos and fascinating information. (8/02)
Field Museum of Natural History  The official web site of the famous Chicago museum. (7/02)
Dinosaur Illustrations  An index of links to great dinosaur and other prehistoric art. (6/02)
WebElements  Everything about the periodic table and elements, provided in a easy to navigate format. (5/02)
Windows to the Universe  Plenty of good photos, all sorts of space info., interactive pages, and geared to all levels from beginner to advanced. (4/02)
FishBase  All about both fresh and saltwater fish, good for identification and information. (2/02)
National Geographic  Like their famous magazine, this varied site has great photos and fascinating information. (1/02)
Icon Town  An international project centered around creating a graphic town where all the houses and other features are the size of icons. (12/01)
Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made?  A tour of various aspects of film making: screenwriting, directing, producing, acting and editing. (11/01)
Sea and Sky  An attractive site about oceans and astronomy that is both entertaining and informative. (10/01)
Google  The search engine that we use most often; good for any subject or type of search. (08/01)
Artcyclopedia  Excellent search engine and resources for fine art and artists. (06/01)
U-Haul Supergraphics  Eye-catching designs and interesting background information about the artwork on the trucks. (05/01)
Wordsmith  Home of the famous "A Word A Day." Anagrams, acronyms, unusual words, thesaurus, and dictionary. (03/01)  Space news, images, wallpaper, screensavers, games, science fiction and links. (01/01)
CNN Millenium Timelines  A worldwide overview of the past 1,000 years of civilization's history. (12/00)
Finla's Graphic City  Clean, lightweight graphics in an easily navigated format. Also includes flags of the world. (11/00)
On Our Own Terms - Moyers on Dying  A site associated with the PBS TV series, including information on related topics and resources. (9/00)
JigZone  On-line jigsaw puzzles in a Java program, with many additional features. (8/00)
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory  Information about volcanoes, up-to-date news, real-time monitoring, and photos. (7/00)
Ray Troll's Fin Art Site  Unusual and beautiful artwork, a humorous look at evolution, many strange and fascinating animals. (5/00)
Space Telescope Science Institute  News, information, and the fantastic photos from the Hubble Space Telescope. (2/00)
NASA's Planetary Photojournal  A database containing many publicly released images from various Solar System exploration programs. (2/00)
HTML Lessons  We recommended this excellent site months before actually taking the course and creating our own web site. (9/99)
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