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September, 2011

Non-Profit Aid for Caregivers

by Larry

After looking at recent photos from a May to June vacation in Taos and Rocky Mountain National Park, I must admit that I am becoming elderly. Moreover, as I notice that more and more of my friends and acquaintances have been having health problems, often rather severe ones, it occurs to me that I too shall not go on indefinitely without the need for assistance.

In this frame of mind, then, I was receptive when I lately heard of a helpful website and non-profit, Care Connect, which pulls together a variety of suggested resources to make the job of an amateur caregiver (such as my wife might need to be one day) easier.

As baby boomers reach their retirement years and the elderly in the U.S., not to mention globally, become a higher fraction of the total population, there will of course be a greater need for services specifically catering to their age-related issues. Ultimately, these will be about helping we older folks maintain for as long as possible as much independence and quality of life as we can. To an increasing extent, age being what it is, a number of us will require help from others, possibly just once or twice, but often multiple times along the way.

Care Connect is a local site/non-profit, focusing on the needs of current or potential caregivers for the elderly in the Austin area. Yet it is such a good, useful web address and resource, with helpful ideas and information, that I hope it may become a template for additional such sites and organizations that may spring up in cities around the country.

While Care Connect is affiliated with a Lutheran Church association, I do not hold that against them. What the site and its non-profit group offers is of obvious benefit, and I might even appreciate it if it were sponsored by a group of atheists!

Here are some of the services provided by Care Connect:

Though Care Connect is a non-profit, many of its services are not free. It would be best to research it well, just as one would any service provider, and to compare its charges and what it offers with the benefits and costs of similar organizations before making any final decision about if or how to utilize this agency.

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