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December, 2007

Bottoms Up!

by Larry

In a dream last night (12/19), I was presented with a bottle of water and understood that I am to change my ways. It being close to the end of 2007, the idea of New Year's resolutions is in mind. Perhaps my unconscious was suggesting some. You see, for awhile, really since I retired, I have been in the habit of burning the candle at both ends to do any number of not necessarily so consequential but engaging things before going to bed each night, then getting up the next day before I have had a chance for much deep rest and relaxation. One could say I have about six years of accumulated sleep deprivation. It boils down to the same difficulty I had as a wee youngster with the bedtime deadline, always wanting instead to do one more fun or at least diverting thing before succumbing to the sandman's importunities.

As a result of all this, I am almost constantly when (at least nominally) awake feeling rather fatigued, to compensate for which I tend to eat a little too much, especially salty or sweet between-meal snacks, and, even more, to drink too much caffeine rich beverages, whether coffee, green tea, or (if away from home) soft drinks, to the exclusion of sufficient healthy liquids such as fruit or vegetable juices or, simply, fresh plain water.

Analyzing its background in this way, it is easy enough to see that the dream is recommending I mend my ways by getting to bed at a more reasonable hour, having enough rest generally, laying off the caffeine, and, by the way, drinking a lot more water instead!

So, those are some of my new resolutions for 2008. You may choose your own, if you like to play this annual resolutions game. Sometimes I do, sometimes not.

For more ideas along these lines, you might check out the Terra Tabloid piece this time, in which I discuss research findings on other "good for you" options. This issue's investment essay is also on a similar theme, though naturally slanted more toward getting good value for one's financial, life, or time inputs.

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