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Animal Stories: When I've spent time in Florida or Georgia, or anywhere along the Gulf coast, there are always alligators. They make perfect photographic subjects because they are big, relatively stationary, and rest in picturesque settings along gorgeous rivers and waterways. I've also had numerous encounters with the reptiles, usually while kayaking, and they are generally startling but funny. Even a relatively small 4 to 5 foot long alligator is capable of almost upsetting a kayak if it is cornered in a tight place. The strength in their tails is impressive. I chanced on one small alligator while taking an early morning beach walk at Fort Clinch State Park in Florida. The little 3 foot long beast was warming up on the shore and I thought I would get as close as I could before it moved off. I took several pictures as I got closer, all the time looking through the viewfinder, which, of course, distorts the actual distance from the subject. Suddenly, the alligator hissed and quickly swung around to face me with its mouth wide open. I was so surprised that I jumped back, to the amusement of my mother who was watching from a slight distance.

Caiman (zoo)

Crocodile (zoo)

Crocodiles (zoo)

American Crocodile (captive, Silver Springs, Florida)

Alligator (The Florida Aquarium, Tampa)

Alligator (Fort Clinch, Florida)

Alligator (a river in Florida, taken from a kayak)

Alligator (Big Cypress Swamp, Florida)

Alligator (Everglades National Park, Florida)

Alligators (Big Cypress Swamp, Florida)

Alligator (zoo)

Alligator (Florida Aquarium, Tampa)

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