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Animal Stories: (Note - This story has nothing to do with the animals pictured on this page. A raccoon photo appears on Mammals page 2.) One of the most persistent and resourceful animals that is likely to visit any campground in the U.S. is the raccoon. We've had numerous encounters with these wily little carnivores, ranging from entertaining to downright hilarious to frustrating. It's often tempting to feed the little beggars, but they tend to keep becoming bolder and bolder so we rarely do that anymore. Once, at St. Joseph Penninsula State Park in Florida, a raccoon spent quite some time trying to hold on to its vantage point up in a palm tree. The leaves were so slippery that the poor little thing kept losing its grip and sliding around, then clambering back up, all the while making a tremendous racket. We were eventually laughing so hard that when it finally fell out of the tree and scurried off into the underbrush, we were absolutely breathless. An equally funny event happened when we were unloading some stuff from the trunk of our car and turned around to see a raccoon climbing out of the open trunk with a whole loaf of bread! Since that was part of our dinner, my sister gave chase (very funny to those of us still just watching), thinking that it should be easy to catch with such a load, but the varmint gave her the slip.

Suni Antelope (zoo)

Dikdik (zoo)

Greater Kudu (zoo)

Lesser Kudu (zoo)

Dama Gazelle (zoo)

Grant's Gazelle (zoo)

Gerenuk (zoo)

Sable Antelope (zoo)

Key Deer (captive at Homosassa Springs State Park, Florida)

White-Tailed Deer (a state park in Florida)

Fallow Deer Fawn (zoo)

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