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Animal Stories: (Note - This story has nothing to do with the animals pictured on this page. Macaque photos can be found on Mammals page 1.) There is one place in this country where monkeys live in the wild. Along the shores of the Silver River, Florida, near the headwaters' attraction Silver Springs, troops of rhesus macaques can be found. These are the same monkeys that are used extensively in research. The monkeys living in this area are descendants of those used in making some of the earlier Tarzan films. They were released on an island at the end of shooting and it was assumed they would live out their days there. However, they easily swam off the island and now inhabit both wooded shores for several miles. Just as with any wild animal that can mooch food from tourists, the Silver River macaques are experts. Whole groups can frequently be found at the water's edge, scavenging along the shoreline, and willingly accepting offers from passing boaters. Off and on there is talk of trying to exterminate them because of aggression or disease, but nothing has ever been done and they continue to be part of the local fauna around Ocala.

Horses (western Colorado)

Horse (McGregor, Texas)

Horse (Turtle Lake, Wisconsin)

Przewalski's Horses (zoo)

Przewalski's Horse (zoo)

Burchell's Zebra Foal (zoo)

Grevy's Zebra Stallion (zoo)

Onager (zoo)

Malayan Tapir (zoo)

Indian Rhinoceros (zoo)

Indian Rhinoceros (zoo)

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