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Animal Stories: The mustelids are an order of notoriously bloodthirsty carnivores including weasels, ferrets, minks, martens, fishers, otters, skunks, badgers, and wolverines. While weasels are very small and secretive, several other members of this group are not. Minks frequent water areas and are very good swimmers. They will eat fish when they can, but are also capable of catching terrestrial animals as well as raiding birds' nests. I've seen a mink eating a huge fish (obviously not caught by itself) while I was kayaking in a backwater area of a large river in Illinois. While this was a memorable sighting, it was not nearly as startling as another sighting, this time in Texas. I was taking an early morning stroll on a boardwalk through a swamp at Mustang Island State Park on the Texas coast and suddenly got the feeling that I should look behind me. There, on the walk, following me, was a mink. It was certainly more curious than afraid and continued to come slowly closer as I snapped its photo. After sniffing and staring for awhile, it casually slipped off the side of the walk and swam away.

Badger (captive at Living Desert State Park, New Mexico)

Wolverine (zoo)

Mink (Mustang Island State Park, Texas)

Clawless Otter (zoo)

Mongoose on Horse Skull (zoo)

Raccoon (Myakka River State Park, Florida)

Cape Hunting Dog (zoo)

Spotted Hyena (zoo)

Polar Bear (zoo)

Spectacled Bear (zoo)

Sea Lion (zoo)

Sea Lion (zoo)

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