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Animal Stories: The birds found along the seashore are endlessly fascinating and varied. Because of the great visibility along large stretches of open sand, they are always evident, whether they are single tiny sandpipers feeding along the water line or huge flocks of terns resting on a sandbar. Gulls are perpetual scavengers and therefore are usually accustomed to humans enough that they don't fly off easily. Along any pier or jetty where people fish, numerous birds stay around to pick up the leavings, sometimes perching right next to fishermen. Pelicans are wonderful to watch as they fly in low lines just over the waves. Brown pelicans are even more fun to watch as they dive into the water to catch fish. Sometimes small gulls will harass the pelicans, to the point of standing on their backs and heads as they pull their water-and-fish laden bills out of the sea. Many years ago, while camping at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, I was doing a lot of beach walking with my family. After a storm, we encountered a number of stranded loons way up on the beach. Although there were dead ones, some were still alive, but their legs being so far back on their bodies made it difficult for them to walk. They were very easy to approach and, with a slight amount of difficulty as they were large and had sharp beaks, we were able to move them to the water where they could then swim.

Black Skimmers (Texas Gulf coast)

Laughing Gull with Fish (Florida Gulf coast)

Laughing Gulls (Galveston Island, Texas)

Laughing Gull (Galveston Island, Texas)

Royal Terns (Fort Morgan, Alabama)

White Pelican (zoo)

Brown Pelican (central Florida)

Brown Pelican (Florida coast)

Brown Pelican (Florida Gulf coast)

Mute Swans (Town Lake, Austin, Texas)

Mute Swans (Town Lake, Austin, Texas)

Black-Necked Swans (zoo)

Black Swan (captive, Homosassa Springs State Park, Florida)

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