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A Yearbook for Larry

July, Week 29


Humidity reigns and
rains moisten
and stagnate
warm saturated air
pervasive dampness
soggy, sodden, swampy, soaking
vegetation seething
in mugginess
dripping leaves
moss-covered branches
dank bark
steaming soil
sweltering heat
July, Week 30


Unrelenting sun
a helio-pervasive condition
evaporate, dessicate, dehydrate
the fever infiltrates
sultry, suffocating torridity
time barely passes
hot boulders, rocks, pebbles, sand
oven-warmed wind
carrying baked dust
burning heat
July, Week 31


Molten rock
shimmering waves dance
boiling earth
the conflagration consumes
entire forests
all is scalded, parched or broiled
furnace winds
fuel sizzling flames
blazing heat
August, Week 32

LEO (The Lion)

The lion seeks
to avoid
the Perseid meteor shower
singing spherical music
in the rain
of a beastly king
pelted and shaggy
with a heart of gold
yellow bricks and emeralds
just a dandelion
August, Week 33


Self-contained time capsules
that appear to be
prepared for
interstellar space travel
armored, seaworthy, fireproof
myriad shapes
designed for
protection and dispersion
a multiplicity of superb designs
wind, water and animals
to sow them
in every conceivable location
August, Week 34


Jointed, robot appendages
pincers, scizzors, saws
antennae, paddles, claws

eliminate all insects and crustaceans
exclude spiders and scorpions
and what remains
is still
quite an assembly of
extraordinary beasts

left, top to bottom: 2 centipedes, harvestman,
centipede, tick, pseudoscorpion, ricinuleid,
tailless whipscorpion, tardigrade (water bear)
center: millipede below horseshoe crab
right, top to bottom: onychorphorian (velvet worm),
millipede, sea spider, vinegaroon (whipscorpion),
2 mites, windscorpion (solifugid, sun spider), mite

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