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A Yearbook for Larry

February, Week 8

CRUSTACEA (Of the Lesser-Known Variety)

Denizens of transient puddles
stagnant ponds, water drops
dwelling under rocks
on seashores, in buckets
cousins of the familiar
crabs, lobsters and shrimp

top left: ostracods (seed shrimp)
top right: amphipods (scud)
center left: daphnia (water fleas)
center middle: tadpole shrimp
center right: fairy shrimp
bottom left: copepods (cyclops)
bottom right: isopods (pillbugs)
February, Week 9


Blue-green, red
brown, golden, green
from microscopic jewels to
giants of the plant kingdom
kelp, sea grapes, spirogyra, seaweed
mermaid's umbrella, sea lettuce, diatoms
stromatolites, stoneworts, sargassum
slimy, glutinous, gelatinous
simple vegetation
March, Week 10

PISCES (The Fish)

There are
so many fish in the sea
that choosing one sort
is futile
an immense aquatic carnival
of piscine participants
is much more fun
a fish festival
of grand scale

swordfish, sunfish, arowana, gourami, flyingfish, betta,
barracuda, hammerhead, pipefish, goby, lungfish, tang,
whale shark, shark, triggerfish, knifefish, angelfish, tuna,
perch, gar, goldfish, lionfish, freshwater angel, spadefish,
dolphin, stingray, lamprey, minnow, loach, remora, pike,
mormyrid, handfish, bichir, needlefish, coelecanth, cod,
torpedo ray, cowfish, snipe eel, clownfish, sawfish,
goosefish, parrotfish, mola, chimaera, catfish, tetra,
bass, gulper, oarfish, salmon, boarfish, damselfish, eel,
dragonfish, angler, hagfish, sturgeon, seahorse
March, Week 11


Gold coins, rainbows
mist and potatoes
lucky shamrocks
clover, sorrel, oxalis
three triangular leaves
chartreuse, verdant
apple, citrine
emerald, green
March, Week 12


Spring, artesian well-being
new growth
delicate cold-warm breezes
gentle rains
meltwater rushing, overflowing
ice breaking, dripping
leaves, roots, soil thawing
buds burst open
blossoms explode
sunrise tingling
with moist cloud air
clear, bright hues
March, Week 13


Eggs, candy, baby animals
moon-mad March hares
bunnies romp, frolic, caper
frisky rabbits gambol and dance
crazy leverets play, leap, cavort
a gala, a ball
a festival or carnival
an orgy, a celebration
a party
April, Week 14

ARIES (The Ram)

Ram, ewe
yeah, and up yours too
mutton, lanolin, fleece, wool
wolf under cover
sleepy sheep yawn
"I am a lamb,"
said the iambic ram
and was ignored by
the sheepish ewes

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