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Monterey Aquarium At Second Glance

Details of the Underwater World: Although the tanks are often large, and some of the inhabitants are quite big, there is a wealth of detail in the exhibits. Besides many species of fish, there are numerous invertebrates as well.

One of many unique exhibits at the aquarium, sanddollars carpet the floor of a dome-shaped tank.

This fish spent quite a bit of time inspecting and picking at the orange batstar.

The bright orange of this spider crab would not be nearly as vivid in its watery home as the red light spectrum does not penetrate very far beneath the surface.

The strange growths around the mouth of this bottom-dwelling shark help conceal its presence from potential prey.

Some sea anemones have fleshy folds around their mouth that are visible only from above.

The dome-shaped tank that houses this jawfish helps to magnify it for the viewer.

In one of the aquariums most spectacular exhibits, jellyfish are illuminated by creative lighting as they float in manmade currents.

The several nudibranchs on exhibit at the aquarium are all rather small species, but their detail and color are fascinating.

Because this starfish is crawling on the glass of its aquarium, its tube feet are clearly visible.

A type of large wrasse, the sheepshead is common in the waters off California.

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