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LARVALBUG LENS, September, 2017

Back before there was Photoshop to facilitate the expression of our humorous tendencies in vacation snapshots, we could still sometimes catch an impromptu serendipitous juxtaposition. The amusingly redundant scene shown above was photographed by Val in Dec., 1997, during a family visit in Florida. Valerie, Larry and their dog, Frisky, spent the Christmas holiday with Val's parents, John and Evelyn, in Ocala. During their stay, they of course took in several of the sights in the area. In the winter months, any sudden cold snap prompts manatees to head for warmer spring-fed waters. At Blue Springs, the large mammals head up a short spring run from the St. John's River to stay warm, sometimes gathering in groups larger than 100. On this particular visit, the manatees weren't very evident, but other wildlife made the trip enjoyable.