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LARVALBUG LENS, August, 2012

Our lens focuses for this issue on Julia and her cousin, Mac. Our best guess is that the photo was taken in Waco's Cameron Park, about 1940, when Julia would have been around 17 (turning 18 in October of that year). (Mac was consulted for this caption but has not replied.) Julia's grandmother was the sister of his grandmother, Julia's Great Aunt Maggie, who lived in Waco, TX, across the street from where she did in her early years. Mac's father, with his family, would visit Waco relatives at times from Gary, IN. Eventually, Mac would marry a lovely woman from Gary. Julia at age 13 had traveled with another cousin to Gary and had met Mac there for the first time. He was then a rather chubby boy about the same height as she. Julia and Mac made a little bet about who was going to wind up being taller. Julia wagered that she would wind up having the greater height. The next time she saw him was when she was 17. He was about 6 foot 2 inches in height, and she was 5 foot 4. They had a good laugh about it.