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Our lens focuses for this issue on a pair of Sunbonnet Cousins, Ben, one of Larry's great uncles, and Leon, his dad. The year was 1976, the location just outside the carport at the 10-B Ranch, looking out toward the corral area. Julia has filled in a few background details: "The Sunbonnet Cousins picture reflects a moment of silliness with Ben and your Dad. Ben and Myrtle visited us several times a year before Myrtle became too incapacitated with Parkinson's. This friendship began when we started going to the yearly family reunions. The picture was taken when they were getting ready to leave that day. It was my hat and Myrtle's bonnet." They do look like a cute pair of Texas dudes. Of Ben, Julia wrote in a 2006 tribute: "Ben was Leon's first cousin who lived in Houston when I first knew him. We got acquainted during...reunions of...[Leon's side of the] family, which Ben primarily promoted. He and his wife, Myrtle, visited us at the ranch from time to time. Mostly, though, I remember Ben coming and taking some of our boys on outings to nearby towns. Leon very rarely took his boys out, so it was a great treat for them. I remember the little tradition we developed for awhile of calling at midnight to wish 'Happy New Year.' It was fun to see who would be the first to call. I learned from Ben how to accept adversity when he had to cope with the increasing downturn of Myrtle due to Parkinson disease. When she had to go to a nursing home, he moved nearby and visited her almost every day, reading the Bible to her even though she didn't know it by then."