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Our lens focuses this month on a wedding party in Joliet, Illinois, 1922. The bride and groom are Kate (1900 to 1990) and George (died 1959). The couple were the aunt and uncle of Val's mother, Evelyn. George was actually the stepbrother of Evelyn's mother, Mary. The rest of the people remain unidentified, but they probably include Kate's three sisters, Mary, Susan, and Pauline, brother, Stephen, and three stepsisters. George had two brothers, Joseph and John, who are likely pictured as well. Kate and George lived near Evelyn when she was growing up. They had one daughter and one son. The son, also named George, formed a prominent tuxedo and formal wear rental company in Joliet, and it is possible that his son has now taken over the business. After George died, Kate married John (died 1979) and gained two stepsons. While not much other information has come to light, Evelyn does remember the wonderful smell of the bread that her Aunt Kate was always baking. (Many thanks to Evelyn for the photo and accompanying information.)