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In February, 1984, John and Evelyn took a bus tour from their home in Lemont, Illinois, to Florida. On the way home, after enjoying the Sunshine State, their bus was stranded by a blizzard in Rensallaer, Indiana. As shown above, they had first class "private" accommodations (because John snored so loudly) by the bar at the National Guard Armory. Ev recalls that "most of the other people played cards all night."

Evelyn provided a bit more information: "That was a very good trip to Florida and the snowstorm made the trip quite exciting. The bus group was, I think, composed of AARP or Prestige 55 people, including several people from Lemont. When we got home, the bus dropped us off at the shopping center on top of the hill on State Street; John walked the seven blocks home to get the car to pick up our luggage. He had to shovel the snow out of the driveway before he could get the car out of the garage."