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LARVALBUG LENS, December, 2016

During a Feb., 2006, visit to Tom and Vicky's farm in Turtle Lake, WI, Larry and comrades demonstrate the insane exuberance that really cold temperatures and lots of snow can incite. The dogs are Peri (a wire fox terrier who had traveled from Austin, TX, with Larry and Val) and Tiyeni, a Rhodesian ridgeback on her home turf. Tom, Vicky, Lucas, Isabella and Amie graciously entertained their southern guests with various outings in and around their property, a small portion of which is shown in this image. The start of the downhill dash was a huge pile of snow created from various plowings of the driveway during the previous months. It was strategically located at the zenith of the natural slope from the farmhouse to the lake, providing a long and satisfying ride. Of course, the walk back up was equally extensive.