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LARVALBUG LENS, November, 2011

Our featured photo this time shows Val's mother's entire family during a Thanksgiving gathering in Joliet, IL, 1957. There are actually 15 people present. At the center are Charles (1905-1960) and Mary (1905-1986), Evelyn's parents, with their children and their spouses. From left to right are Evelyn's brother, Rich, and his wife, Carol (1941-2007), her brother, Charlie (1938-1989), and wife, Donna (1940-1985), and her sister, Peg, and husband, Don (1911-1986). Evelyn is sitting at the table, pregnant with Valerie. The children are Peg and Don's: Don Jr. is at the front and Jerry is in his dad's arms. They are all enjoying looking at photos, both prints and slides, which were viewed with the projector on the table at right. Carol and Donna were also pregnant at the time, with Val's cousins, Ricky and Billy, so the room was more crowded than it appears. Evelyn's husband, John (1926-2004), took the photo.