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LARVALBUG LENS, January, 2013

This peaceful summer scene was photographed in 1958, in Joliet, IL at the home of Val's paternal grandparents, Josephine and Anthony. The house had recently been painted pink after being a moss green. The half person on the left is Darlene, Val's cousin, and the one on the right is her grandfather, Anthony. The woman behind the tree is Aunt Stephanie, who was actually Val's great aunt, the sister of her grandmother. Stephanie had been living in Detroit but was visiting for an extended period with other family members who lived a couple of doors down the street. Next to her is Chuck, one of Val's uncles (Darlene's father). The girl intently watching the accordion is Thomasine, another of Val's cousins. The man in the red chair is Val's Uncle Chester. The curious addition is the man playing the accordion. His name was identical to Chester's - both first and LAST names! They had met in a bar in Joliet; after discovering their shared name, the younger Chester invited the elder to visit. The relationship must not have lasted very long, as Val has no recollection of this person in subsequent years. At the time of the photo, Val was a few months old.