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by Valerie

May, 2011



Of the many different stink bugs in our area, the conchuela (Chlorochroa ligata) is one of the most commonly seen. Here in Texas, this insect is a charcoal color with edges ranging from yellow to red. The same species in more northern states is green. Nymphs, which are often seen along with the adults, have the same orange or red rim, and their color is usually black, though they may also have gray on the abdomen.

The conchuela feeds on plants, sucking juice out of them. It can be found on a variety of different species, including bluebonnets, agarita, and balsam gourd. It usually feeds on seeds, pods, and fruits, and is frequently very numerous. Barrel-shaped white eggs are laid on leaves in neatly arranged groups of about 30 to 50. The nymphs are gregarious and sometimes form clusters as they feed.

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