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March, 2012

Spring Poems

by Amie, Isabella & Lucas

by Amie (grade 2, 2012)

Spring Spring beautiful Spring.
Flowers bloom. Butterflies every-
where. Swimmers are out. Water is cool.
Shorts and sleeveless everywhere.
Houses are empty.
Spring Spring is so much fun!

Spring Fun
by Isabella (grade 4, 2011)

Spring starts with fun,
So go out and hum.

All the flowers are so light,
And the sun is so bright.

The flowers have power,
So go shower.

Oh spring,
Please ring.

Spring Time
by Lucas (grade 4, 2009)

Here comes the sun,
Along with planting fun.

The fierce, dark clouds come with rain,
Time inside we will gain.

Out sprout the plant leaves,
Soon there will be a spring breeze.

Soon the leaves will become big plants,
Hopefully they donít get eaten by ants.

Soon the plants will bloom,
And hopefully take away peopleís gloom.

Those blooms will be pretty flowers,
Hopefully they wonít get plowed up by plowers.

The flowers will attract butterflies,
My dad calls them flutterbyes.

Along with the butterflies come the bees,
Donít go near their hives in the trees.

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