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January, 2015

My Personal Snowglobe

by Amie

My personal snow globe has all these things included in it.

I see a small white plastered house. It has bells on the door and snow on the roof. When the door is to my back, all around me I see forest, lots of wildlife, and and even some pets, all different species. It's starting to snow! When I go inside the house, I see a grand piano, kitchen, living room, and a couple other doors leading to other rooms. That's all I see except for when I'm sleeping.

There's a lot of thing I can feel. I feel the cold wind blowing on my face and snowflakes landing on my nose and tongue. When I go inside I feel the warmth covering me like a blanket. The the couch and other furniture are really soft. I feel the crunchy cookies crumbling in my in my hands. That's all the soft and comforting things I feel.

Do you hear that crunching sound under the feet of animals and the snow rearranging? I hear a lot of wildlife roaming the forest. When I go inside I hear music playing my favorite songs! That's what I hear. How about you?

Do you smell that sent of what's around you? I smell the fresh country air, and a lot of water. Inside, I smell fresh baked cookies and a lot of food for dinner like stake, mashed potatoes, and corn. That all the mouthwatering things I smell. What do you smell?

Cold, warm, but very good. I taste the fresh fallen snow on my tongue. When I'm inside, I taste corn, potatoes, and stake for dinner. Also, the milk. For desert, I taste tons of Christmas cookie and they're so delicious! I also taste homemade "Mom's juice"! All these things are so good!

From this description, I hope you can imagine my own personal snow globe. Thanks for listening.

(written at age 11)

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